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Diabetic Kidney Disease Specialist

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If you have diabetes, you need to take precautions to prevent diabetic kidney disease. At Merit Health Care, PC, board-certified nephrologist Ghayas Habach, MD, MPH, specializes in the treatment and prevention of diabetic kidney disease. The team offers on-site diagnostic testing services to identify kidney disease in its earliest stage, so you can take the steps needed to preserve your kidney function. Call the office in Talladega or Sylacauga, Alabama, to schedule a diabetic kidney disease consultation today or book an appointment online.

Diabetic Kidney Disease Q & A

What is diabetic kidney disease?

Diabetic kidney disease is a condition where excessively high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in your kidneys. This damage prevents your kidneys from efficiently removing excess fluids and waste from your blood and body.

Kidney damage from diabetes typically occurs gradually over many years. As the damage worsens to the blood vessels in your kidneys, you can also develop high blood pressure (hypertension), which can further damage your kidneys.

What are the symptoms of diabetic kidney disease?

In general, people can have diabetic kidney disease without knowing it. This is because symptoms don’t usually show up until the condition worsens.

In later stages of diabetic kidney disease, you may experience:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Edema (swelling) in hand, ankles, and feet
  • Increased need to urinate
  • Confusion or concentration difficulties

If you have any symptoms of disease or have diabetes, you should have routine kidney disease screenings. Merit Health Care, PC, offers on-site blood and urine tests to check for signs of kidney dysfunction.

Is diabetic kidney disease preventable?

There are things you can do to keep your kidneys healthy if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. One of the most important steps to take is to ensure your diabetes is well-controlled.

Follow your diabetes treatment plan and take all necessary medications or insulin injections. Regularly check your blood sugar levels to ensure your treatment is working and stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

You should also have regular blood pressure checks to identify risk factors for high blood pressure. If your blood pressure is elevated, it’s important that you eat right and exercise daily. You may also need medications to control your blood pressure levels.

In the event your diabetic kidney disease worsens, it can lead to kidney damage. The team at Merit Health Care, PC, offers a variety of treatment options for kidney damage and disease, including medications and in-office and home dialysis.

Schedule a diabetic kidney disease evaluation online or by calling the Merit Health Care, PC, office nearest to you today.